Spirit West Launches Canada's First Ever Repair-Fest.

At Spirit West, we believe quality gear belongs in the mountains and not in the landfills. That's why we've created Repair-Fest ! Dedicated to sharing ideas, swapping gear and offering practical solutions for repairing, exchanging and re-purposing adventure gear.

Repair-fest was created to support Alberta's adventure community and grow the circular economy here in Calgary. That means buying high quality goods made to last, repairing or up-cycling items rather than throwing them out, and building community to support this vision.

This years festival will feature an opportunities to purchase quality used adventure gear, learn DIY repair skills, enter prize draws to win awesome locally made gear, and meet other like minded people!

  • Location and Times

    June 3, 2023


    Spirit West Apparel Innovation Centre

    #2 640, 42nd AVE N.E.

    Parking available

  • Event Schedule

    10:00-12:00 Gear Swap

    12:00-2:00 Workshop series

    1:00 Prize draws

    Ongoing throughout..

    Exhibitor show and sale including Spirit West trips and adventures booth

    Coffee cart and food trucks

  • Workshops

    Learn how to repair and maintain your adventure equipment at home and in the field.

    See the details here 
  • Gear Swap

    Get involved with Calgary's circular economy! Bring your quality gear to trade or sell.

    See the details here 

Speaking with Spirit

  • Presenting Sponsor: Gear Aid